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Sam Cotter & Adriana Marcela met Monday, March 13th, 2017 aboard Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas attending Whet Travel’s second and final Inception at Sea. Both were guests of Sam’s longtime friend who ran visuals for the various stages and naturally, being on a boat bumping bass music 24/7 for 5 straight days with stops in 2 different countries, you get to know each other. Although they mutually recognized the drive & dedication in each other initially, it wasn’t until Sam started going back down to Miami and attending the shows Adry had been booking and promoting with her company “Deep in the Bass Clouds™”.

Fast forward a few sold-out shows thrown & festivals to 2019, Sam & Adry found themselves on the way to Gainesville, FL to do some Deep in the Bassclouds™ business and catch a few shows. They began discussing the then current state of bass music in general and agreed that is what seemed to be the issue preventing truly talented artists with good music from getting the exposure they should’ve been based off the merit of the music alone. Fortunately, Sam had been working in digital marketing since 2006, just about how long Adry had been in the scene networking.

The two came to the conclusion that starting an agency that had a thumb on the pulse of the industry and artists while deploying the most effective solutions and delivering measurable results could level the playing field.

HustleLove™ specializes in optimizing the digital presence of electronic music artists, DJ's and traditional musicians. We are a one-stop solution providing every service needed to establish yourself as an industry brand from graphic & web design to social media management, SEO and so much more. If you have no digital presence in this day & age you're already obsolete. We're ready to blast you off & into a new creative dimension, increase your following, build your brand and develop the plan of execution you need to be successful.